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The Nature Speaks Series of children’s books piques young people’s interest in scientific concepts and natural acts, as well as encourages them to appreciate and connect with the natural world
around them.

Suitable for children as young as three, the series’ human-like characters and stunning artwork make it an ideal learning tool.

Parents, teachers, and guardians can use this collection of books to teach science topics currently covered in the school curriculum in a fun, simplified, and engaging manner, while also promoting understanding of various abstract concepts.

A set of additional STEM worksheets and activities are available for each book to help children reinforce their understanding of science.

Pearl The Raindrop

The Great Water Cycle Jouney

Where does rain come from?  How do clouds appear?  Did you know that trees need water to grow? How does that water make its way back to the sea? 

Join Pearl, a simple drop of water from the sea, who embarks on an exciting journey to find the answers!

Learn the process of the water cycle in very simple terms. Through Pearl’s adventure, young children will be able to visualize abstract concepts such as evaporation, condensation and precipitation. Beautiful illustrations will accompany them every step of the way!

What My Readers Say About "Pearl The Raindrop"

Pearl The Raindrop

Activity Book

A fun activity book to go with the picture book Pearl the Raindrop: The Great Water Cycle Journey. Filled with mazes, dot-to-dot activities, coloring pages, find the difference activities and more, it will offer children hours of enjoyment while learning about the water cycle. 

Vladimir the Volcano

A Tale of an Unforseen Eruption

What happens before a volcano erupts?
What is “magma”?

Why does a volcano erupt?

What happens to lava?

This is a tale about a volcano called Vladimir who suddenly awakens from his deep slumber.  Vladimir doesn’t feel too well.  But why? Come along and learn about what happens to Vladimir from the time he awakens to the time he finally erupts!

What My Readers Say About "Vladimir the Volcano"

Tamara the Tornado

A Hero in Disguise

What is a tornado?

How is it formed?

Through combining non-fiction facts with fictitious elements, this story takes children on an exciting and educational adventure to learn all about tornadoes and how Tamara the Tornado becomes the hero of the day.

What My Readers Say About "Tamara the Tornado"

Spencer the Spark

Not All Wildfires Are Bad

What is a wildfire?

How does it start and how does it grow?

Why is it beneficial?

Join Spencer the Spark on his great journey to become a mighty wildfire. Spencer grows into a wildfire when he reaches the pine forest, but it is not all bad! Although Spencer causes great destruction, he also helps create new growth for Polly the Pinecone, the entire pine forest, and the land around it.

What My Readers Say About "Spencer the Spark"

Annie the Avalanche

A Rumbling and Rolling Adventure

What is an avalanche?

How is it triggered?

What are the factors involved?

This is a rumbling and rolling adventure on a snowy mountainside that is the perfect recipe for disaster. Take a giant snowball, some squabbling snowflakes, several layers in the snowpack, and the trigger to make it happen!

What My Readers Say About "Spencer the Spark"

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